Clinical & Regulatory Consulting

InRoad Medical provides clinical excellence paired with the technical and regulatory understanding of device development to help small and medium companies bring new devices from concept to market.

Strategy Consulting

InRoad Medical provides expert consultation for strategy development and execution in the vascular device market.

Education and Training

Provides training and educational programs to institutions and companies worldwide on vascular health treatment and prevention.

Inroad Medical improves quality of life through innovation, education and expertise in vascular therapy.  

Inroad Medical addresses critical issues in the development of innovative and successful devices for vascular patients. In fulfilling this role, Inroad:

  • Advances solutions to problems in vascular space disease;
  • Drives transformation and innovation in device development;
  • Strengthens the ability for companies to bring their ideas to market;
  • Provides expertise in the education of professionals and paraprofessionals worldwide in vascular health